Phil Fornaciari - Is your Mac ready for school?Is Your Mac Ready for School?

A well-maintained Mac is hands down your most important back-to-school tool. A perfectly tuned, properly upgraded Mac can ensure that you can focus on your education, not irritating computer problems.

Bring your Mac to corehelp before classes begin for technical upgrades like increasing RAM memory, expanding your hardrive to encompass all of your larger files, top notch virus protection, foolproof backup solutions, new software installation, and tune ups.That way you can be sure you're ready for any new challenges the school year throws your way.

If you'd like to learn how to get the most out of your Mac, corehelp can also provide cost effective tutoring and training for any Mac programs or apps.

With free quotes and diagnostics, you have nothing to lose by bringing your Mac to corehelp for a checkup!

Plus, a Mac tune up and upgrade makes a great back-to-school gift.

Get prepped for a great school year with Mac upgrades and tune ups from corehelp. Contact Phil today for an appointment!


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